Prabha Zacharias : Ice cream stick family

Summer is hitting Delhi. Most of our trips outdoors are accessoried with icecreams.

Prabha Zacharias : Flower Power Doodle Wall :)

We have this tiny shelf space in our drawing room and one fine day we thought we could give it a doodle flower power facelift.

Prabha Zacharias : Easter Eggs 2014

Easter might celebrate Christ's resurrection or celebrate the godess Ishtaar. Whatever the reason might be, decorated easter eggs are sure .

Prabha Zacharias : Wax Resist Tutorial

This is a very basic water colour technique which can be put to use in all kinds of projects.

Prabha Zacharias : From the sketch book: Exploring pattern

Once again, a quickie from my sketchbook. I was flexing my pattern muscles. The sketchbook is my favorite place where I love to relax.

Prabha Zacharias : The Story of a Rooster

Daniel is fond of crows, hens and roosters. I made a simple rooster sketch for him and he loved it. The rooster sketch was played with to hi.

Prabha Zacharias : Panda House for Daniel

A child's attention span is anywhere between one minute to five minutes. You get them the expensive toys and you can see your money going.

Handmade Gift Envelopes

And then came the birthday of this little boy in the neighbourhood and we had no time to go out and buy a gift. We decided to give money in.

Rolled Roses Hair accessories

Accessories for the little ladies

More ideas