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"Le bonheur, c'est quand vos actes sont en accord avec vos paroles". Gandhi

"Le bonheur, c'est quand vos actes sont en accord avec vos paroles". Gandhi

In some cases daughters are able to accept being fatherless. Growing up with other male figures such as stepfathers. In some mothers are the nurturing parent and the provider. The quote “When my father left my mother said, Get down on your knees and pray for spoons". Pg.12 Rita totally changed the subject when Ladydi's father left. Instead of pray for him to return she told her to pray for spoons. In my opinion Rita was saying don't worry about him I will take care of you.

Some poor kids don't get a choice but to do it without their fathers! Let me say that no amount of male role models makes up for the lack of a father in child's life

Or maybe you won't have regrets. Because you're a heartless bitch.

It's never ok to favor one child over the other. Both are equally deserving of the love of their father. Not one female, or person is ever more important than your kids. For some they won't realize it until it's much too late. CO bound ❤️

too true | closet full of clothes but nothing to wear | lol | meme | sorority on Instagram

alternatively, when you have bunch of decent clothes but nothing matches you so you spend 30 minutes of self loathing instead of getting ready

I am moving to Paris for a year to get immersed in language, but if you are going for a trip soon, I also plan to do that

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