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Occasionally, a few days were designated to allow black people to attend the zoo with the restriction placed on whites. The things our history books don't tell us...

Photograph of a “No White People Allowed in the Zoo Today” sign taken at the Memphis Zoo by Ernest Withers in the Even visits to the zoo were segregated. Blacks had only one day a week they could visit the zoo while whites could go on the other week days.


Poster for the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. – A photograph of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman taken during the shoot of the aptly named A New Kind of Love, by Melville Shavelson in 1963 is the image used for the poster for this year's Festival de Cannes

WWII. Mass execution by the Japanese

Mass execution by the Japanese . OUR BRAVE MEN, Stoic and Dignified in the Face of Cruel Inhumanity. How we conduct ourselves in battle and all the hours that surround the horrors of war provides great commentary about our personal warrior-hood!