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Research confirms that classical music can heal and strengthen the ADHD brain. Play these tunes by Beethoven and Bach to help your child focus and improve language.

Music Therapy: 8 Best Songs for ADHD Minds Scientific research confirms that music can heal and strengthen the brain. Try these 8 tried-and-true classical songs to help your child with ADHD focus, improve language acquisition, and even sleep.

ENFP and ENFJ - so accurate!!

sassyenfj: “Way too accurate, except the hardest lesson for me, as an ENFJ, is that it’s okay not everyone likes me.

Ein Lebenslauf Design mit Icons beschleunigt den Informationstransport. Aufgrund der sehr kurzen Zeit, die sich Personaler für das Durchgehen der Bewerbungen nehmen, sind grafische Darstellungen im Lebenslauf sehr vorteilhaft.

A resume design with icons accelerates the information transport. Due to the very short time taken by the staff to go through the applications, graphic representations in the CV are very useful.