pratiwi utami,RH

pratiwi utami,RH

pratiwi utami,RH
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Word to the wise. If they talk about their friends to you then they are doing the same about you to others. Toxic.

this is so true, Wouldn’t it be great if two-faced people literally had two faces so everyone around them could have heads up on what a fake they are. Unfortunately there is no way to expose the truth without being just this way. So pay close attention

stupid people need to grow Up. let's go run our mouths to someone who doesnt need to know a damn thing just because you know something. for real you're so fucking fake no wonder you have zero friends you piece of shit.    i feel better now.          (I dont know who wrote that, but good work)

I love this because I know too many of those ''small minds & big mouths'' and they drive me crazy.Stop the Gossip!


If you can expand your natural range through training and practice, do so. But be wary of venturing into fake territory. It won’t have the “free, loose” quality that knowledgeable clients listen for .

Sad but true

Distance sometimes lets you know who's worth keeping and who's worth letting go. I really dislike Lana Del Rey but this quote is so damn true.

That's not true.  And if it was, then that basically just means beautiful girls are all dumb and pick mean guys.  Hmm maybe a guy dumped her because she was really shallow.  Because any girl who reposts this will basically be saying she's one of those and she's calling herself beautiful.  What guy wants to be with that?

Become stronger from what hurts you. Whether it's a mistake, a period if time in your life, or a man who did you wrong, grow from it. Grow stronger, and remember that you are beautiful