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some cookies with icing on top of them that look like women's hair
a cake with a hair dryer on top of it and flowers in the background
a cake decorated with a woman's face and number 50 on the top, sitting on a wooden table
Hairdresser cake
a cake decorated with scissors and combs on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
Hairdresser's Retirement!
Hairdresser's Retirement! - Cake by Rachel~Cakes
a birthday cake with scissors and knives on it
a cake decorated with scissors, combs and hairdryers
a cake decorated with scissors, hairdryers and combs on a table top
decorated cookies are arranged on a wooden table with scissors, yarn, and other items
Hair Stylist Cookies
decorated cookies with blue icing and white frosting are arranged on a wooden table
Bobby pin cookies
decorated cookies with scissors, hairdryers and letters