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Cold weather clothing

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I was thrilled when the TV series Spartacus showed a public toilet in full view. They totally had these.


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Late Roman/Byzantium

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riche matrone romaine  Ie -début IIIe siècle


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Plebians and Slaves

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_MG_4324 | Joost Adriaanse | Flickr
IMG_1578 | Archeon 2013 Spartacus | Joost Adriaanse | Flickr

Patricians and Elites

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Priests and Vestal Virgins

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Ben Hur 2010 - Ben Hur

Movies and Dramas

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Rome - Servilia
Rome - Servilia


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a group of people standing around a stone oven with a wooden stick sticking out of it
two men in roman garb are cleaning the ground with shovels and poles while others look on
three women dressed in roman costumes posing for the camera
riche matrone romaine  Ie -début IIIe siècle History Cosplay, Ancient Roman Fashion, Rome Clothing, Ancient Roman Clothing, Historic Dresses, Roman Clothes, Roman Dress
riche matrone romaine Ie -début IIIe siècle
a woman standing in front of a window wearing a brown dress and holding a purse
two women standing next to each other near a wall
a man and woman dressed in ancient greek garb holding silver bowls under an awning
three people standing on the porch of a house, one wearing a costume and the other in roman garb
some people are dressed up and posing for a photo outside the building with their food
several people dressed in roman costumes and holding baskets with bread on them, standing next to each other
a man and woman dressed up in roman costumes standing on a cobblestone street
two people dressed in costumes standing next to each other on the side of a road