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Hedge funds infographic

“Who Invests in Hedge Funds? A Sampling of the Hedge Fund Universe” takes readers through the many types of hedge fund investors

#INFOgraphic > Shadow Accounting Hedge Funds: Learn about the essentials and the importance of shadow accounting to hedge fund management. >

This visual offers a primer on alternative assets (hedge funds) and the role that shadow accounting plays in the industry.

You vs. John Paulson. John Paulson is a legendary Hedge Fund manager. Learn more about Hedge Funds @

Trading & Currency infographic & data You VS John Paulson Infographic Description You vs. John Paulson is a legendary Hedge Fund manager.

The Pyramid Scheme of the 1% Should Be Illegal

A 1911 Industrial Worker publication advocating industrial unionism that shows the critique of capitalism. It is based on a flyer of the “Union of Russian Socialists” spread in 1900 and

Ray Dalio, James Simons, Carl Icahn And Other Top Hedge Fund Managers Exposed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Worlds Richest Hedge Fund Managers - interesting people to Ed about. Not sure about the posters aim but interesting people

Shadow Trading

Trading & Currency infographic & data How murky the financial markets can be: Consider the case of Pipeline Trading Sy. Infographic Description How murky

#ForexUseful - Mean reversion is based on the assumption that price will always return (revert) to a mean (Moving Average), here’s what it means and how to trade it…

Forex trading is trading in a pair of foreign currencies such as the U. The word “Forex” is an acronym for foreign exchange.