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everyones got Allah on the front of their hands. NOW, is that a miracle or what.it's a miracle of Allah.that you never forget ur creator. ALLAH-U-AKBAR!

love the pink maxi skirt! #hijabi #hijab #style #fashion

love the pink maxi skirt ! But would be nice if the sleeves were longer absolutely amazing and pretty

LOVE the cut of the jacket and the pop of gold beneath....just wish she had worn some other scarf...

LOVE the cut of the jacket and the pop of gold beneath.just wish she had worn some other scarf.

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classy hijab dress

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Ramadan is loading.Ramadan 2015 █████████▓ RAMADAN Blessed are the days to come during our special month of Ramadan Wishing warmt, comfort and trangullity from sunset to sunrise May Allah grant us the benefits this blessed month!