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Batik Amarillis Made In Indonesia Bohemian summer skirt in reproduction of old pattern Batik Banyumas-Indonesia

Skirt bawahan batik

My mom made a dress similar to this, for me when I was around 10 years old. She made it out of 2 old dresses of hers. Loved that dress! Have a school picture taken in it. Wish I still had it. Would be lovely in ivory or even this blue for a 2nd wedding. Dolce Dolce Gabbana * SS 2014 RTW Members VIP Fashion Club 40-80% Off Luxury Fashion Brands

Batik Amarillis made in Indonesia proudly presents Batik Amarillis' folklore#2 vol#1 Transylvanian skirt mini obi belt it's such a unique folkloric skirt inspired by traditional costume in Transylvania , with meticulous intricating Hungarian embroidery folk art style you can enjoy the beauty of flowers,leaves and birds on its embroidery

Batik Amarillis Made in Indonesia

Women Fashion Blouse Shirt Beautiful Blouse Women Top by MissLinen, $59.00

Proudly presents: Batik Amarillis's Sugar and spice ... from Indonesia with Love.... lovely Kebaya , Javanese's traditional blouse features Hungarian Embroidery with Batik Wonogiren Sarong.