Priyanka Setiorini

Priyanka Setiorini

Priyanka Setiorini
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Cute fathers day quote

Happy fathers day messages for my husband on this father's day Loving quotes for daddy who has been my hero, role model, strength, inspiration and teacher.

Solid idea

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "Plot twist!" and move on. I'm totally going with this! There are so many plot twists in my life.

.... BINGO.

Oh so true I was the one there for everything. When everybody told you that you couldn't do it and even times you thought you couldn't do it I was the one who always believed in you and gave you the push you needed. Not her just remember that.

Terrific quote for teachers by William G. Kids aren't robots. They're all unique: different languages, literacy skills, religions, family structures, likes/dislikes, experiences... And that affects their actions in your class. Be aware, be considerate, be patient, and be HELPFUL.

Terrific quote for teachers . Kids are uniquely wonderful. Be aware, be considerate, be patient, and be HELPFUL.