Lee Pruitt - Wide Open Workspaces and Flat Management

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Wanted: B2B Salesperson Willing to Risk Death Daily

Wanted: Young, skinny, wiry fellows. Not over Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Pony Express poster (via

Conflicting Interests

Conflicting Interests [[MORE]] For those passionate about investing their money, spying potential can be like spotting gold along the creek bed. The possibilities roll on out in front of you and.

About Lee Pruitt

About Lee Pruitt Orginally from Nashville, my career first began when I started working for an internet startup in London in Since then I have had a continuous desire to build companies, take on.

Lee Pruitt - 5 Business Lessons I Learned from Country Music

any man who can sing, play the guitar, and look damn good in a cowboy hat is MY kinda

Lee Pruitt - American Entrepreneur in London

American Entrepreneur in London [[MORE]] [[MORE]]Starting a life in a new country and founding a business can both be pretty scary at times.

Lee Pruitt - Stand By Your Man

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Lee Pruitt - Don't Shoot the Messenger

"last stand in open country" - willie nelson and kid rock do not own any of the material. made for the enjoyment of others.

Lee Pruitt - A Little Older, A Lot Wiser

A Little Older, A Lot Wiser [[MORE]] This week I turned which in numerology terms is a very significant age to reach. Psychologist, Donna Dawson, was quoted in Time Magazine saying “The age of

Lee Pruitt - The Ace in ECommerce is Customer Lifetime Value

The Ace in Ecommerce is Customer Lifetime Value [[MORE]] Doing business is nothing more than making sure that the money spent to acquire customers is less than the net profit made per consumer.