Fancy - Rakkiddo Kids Shoe Wheel. How neat is this contraption for all the shoes the kids have EVERYWHERE!

This Rakku shoe wheel is pretty cool for any kids room. So much cooler than a shoe rack!

Man head knife holder

Kitchen : Amazing unique head knife block design ideas excellent combination art and usefulness picture - a part of Awesome And Innovative Knife Holders For The Contemporary Kitchen

Heart knife holder

By now we've seen the "ex boyfriend knife holder" (also on this list) but here's one that's a little more subtle. The broken heart knife block comes with a set of five knives stuck right into that ruby red standing heart.

The Ex Knife Set

Cool Kitchen Gadgets: The Ex Knife Set with Unique Red Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello

Knife holder

Throwzini’s Knife Block is a picture of the Voodoo Knife Holder before everything went terribly wrong and the poor guy ended up as not much more than a glorified pin cushion and scared off all the fun-loving carnival-goers

Penguin lightbulb ornaments...too cute!!

Penguin light bulb ornaments These cute penguins are a clever way to upcycle old light bulbs and make a perfect classroom craft or a great family craft night activity. Make a pack of penguins for your own tree or gift them to friends and neighbors.

Voodoo knife holder

Voodoo Knife Holder Now REALLY For Sale

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