Let them talk. Let them think. The only thing that matter is what Allah's opinion about you.

Put your trust in Allah! Allah (subhaana wa ta’aala) is watching over you and He WILL give you your due right! He will replace the sad days with the happy ones.

15 Beautiful Arabic Words That'll Make You Fall In Love With The Language

Guys I’m Arabic and this word isn’t as fancy and as meaningful as it sounds. Ala rasi means ‘anything for you’ but in a ‘my pleasure’ way. You thank a cashier, a complete stranger, and they say ‘ala rasi’.

Whats not mine..... forgive me... i have to let go....

Sometimes Allah let us to being with someone thats actually not our real destiny. And sometimes it have a bad ending to reminds you that you know nothing, only Allah knows what's best for you.

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