Kuih Talam , Kuih Talam Tepong Pandan (绿白双层香兰糕)  #guaishushu #kenneth_goh  #kuih_Talam  #绿白双层香兰糕

Kuih Talam , Kuih Talam Tepong Pandan (绿白双层香兰糕)

Kuih Talam , Kuih Talam Tepong Pandan (绿白双层香兰糕) #guaishushu #kenneth_goh #kuih_Talam #绿白双层香兰糕

i bet these banana fritters dipped in melted chocolate would totally be yumm

Sweet mashed banana fritters are an easy way to use up overripe bananas - a great alternative to muffins/bread!

Pisang Goreng (Fried Bananas)—crispy, crunchy, and airy. Absolutely delicious!

Fried bananas ("Goreng Pisang" in Malay Language) is common street food in Malaysia and many Asian countries. This photo attracted my attention because it is unusual.

How do you like your cendol melded with your favourite kuih? Here's our recipe for kuih talam cendol, mixing the best of both desserts in one serving.

Aromatic palm sugar syrup is used to make the base of this kueh before spreading the chendol on the top layer.

kue bugis

[Indonesian] Kue Bugis - steamed glutinous rice cake filled with shredded coconut & brown sugar

Pandan tapioca with coconut cream - how to cook tapioca: soak in hot water overnight, boil in water & sugar for 5 min, turn off heat & cover the pan and wait until the pearls become translucide, then rinse with cold water

Serves: cups + cup cup pearl tapioca (not tsp pandan cup can unsweetened coconut milk (do not shake)

Kue cubit - Indonesia

Pinch pancake or known as Kue cubit in Indonesia. Named as such because of its tiny size and you almost need to "pinch" it to pick it up and eat it. Soft and chewy.