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Wiishu what did I tell you about looking that stuff up you never know what you'll find! And Mark doesn't need no man!

Haha I watched this and laughed soo hard then fangirled a bit when he typed that in :p

Mark and Jack by cartoonjunkie.

Though we know Mark is a giant egotistical show off every single day of the week, I like the idea that Mark becomes a nervous wreak around Jack. And Jack is just an oblivious bottom who doesn& r.


For Jack hugging and kissing Mark! ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) Thanks for participating in the giveaway! ~ヾ(^∇^) Stay awesome and sweet!

13, agender and always gay for stevonnie. He/They/She ✍ Art Requests Are…

Yet ANOTHER septiplier au. I have no control over my life whatsoever. In this alternate universe, Mark Fischbach is the wealthy Royal king of Ireland. He became king after his cruel and unfair fart.

SeptiplierSketchComic by on @DeviantArt

Mark:(*looks at Jack with seductive eyes*)Jack:( Mark.)Mark:( nothing Jack~*touches face soflty*) Jack:(M-mark.

Okay we need to kill septiplier it was a joke now it's gone to fucking far

Uhh and the moment has come where now every body nows im septiplier fan ughr ho cares.

Zane , Cole and Nya

Zane , Cole and Nya