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Sambal bajak is a chili relish that you can find everywhere in Indonesia.

Garlic Sambal (Sambal Bawang Putih)

SAMBAL BAWANG - Garlic Sambal (Indonesian sambal bawang putih) made from red chilli and garlic

My Mom was born in Aceh, so I am quite familiar with Acehnese food, and among my favorites are sate godok, mie Aceh, martabak, and of course acar bawang. The best thing about acar bawang is that it is so easy to make, and the next best thing is I …

{recipe} Acar bawang Aceh - Acehnese shallot and bird eye chili pickle

Garlic Sambal (Sambal Bawang Putih), got to try make this. I fond of garlic

Garlic sambal (sambal bawang putih), so easy to make at home, and a good relish for so many dishes.

Indonesian garlic sambal (sambal Bawang putih)

In Indonesia, sambal is so popular, the vibrant color and the appearances just tells us the level of ad.

Sambal Cabe Ijo Padang

Padang style green chilie relish, with tomatillos, shallots, anchovies, and lime juice

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