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Why is baby crying? Are you a new mom who struggles to read the signs? Whether it's hunger, gas or tiredness, this list will help guide you to find the solution.

Babies have 3 different types of cries. A basic cry means that the baby is hungry or upset and it starts of softly then gradually gets more intense. A mad cry occurs when the baby is mad and is very intense. A pain cry is sudden with pauses of gasping.

What over 3,000 moms had to say about co-sleeping from (This site is NOT connected with the What to Expect books.)

Co-sleeping statistics. Interesting statistics overall, especially the increase in pediatrician recommendations.

How Co-Sleeping Can Help (Infographic)

Co-sleeping through room sharing or bed sharing can help a lot in terms of good sleep habit, kids safety, comfort and overall health. LOVE CO-SLEEPING!

Babywearing is a wonderful practice. Here are 12 wonderufl benefits of it, plus info on finding the best baby carrier for you and your little one.

I am happy to offer a guest post from Jennifer Taylor at Mom Tricks in honor of International Babywearing Week from October - this year.