crispy fried tofu with sweet chili sauce

Crispy Tofu : Kind of similar to the texture of McDonald's chicken nuggets. This was a definite WIN for our family! Everyone had seconds and the kids wanted more after that! We dipped them in regular ketchup sweet chili sauce recipe.

Indonesian Food. Lemper. Sticky Rice Rolls filled with Chicken. (Recipe in Dutch)

Lemper, Sticky Rice Rolls filled with Chicken. - Sweet and Delicious Indonesian Traditional Food.

Sop Buntut – Indonesian Oxtail Soup

SOP BUNTUT (oxtail soup) is very popular in Indonesia. If you ever visited an Indonesian restaurant that serves this soup, it is really hard to miss it since this is probably the most expensive dish among the many dishes available.

"soto ayam (Indonesian Food)." Don't think I've ever had any but this looks yummm.

"soto ayam" (literally translates from Indonesian as chicken soup).

sate tempe skewers  - Indonesian food :)

Tempeh skewers (sate tempe), Indonesian - tempeh is fermented soy in a cake form, usually sliced thinly and served with spicy sweet sauce, considered as healthy traditional food in the country