Chocolate Ice, smooth, and creamy, the best chocolate ice cream you've ever eaten.

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Super rich, smooth and creamy Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream! This will be even the best chocolate ice cream you've ever eaten! See the instructions both with an ice cream maker and without it.

Sate Padang

The best one is from Ajo Ramon in Santa Market close to my house. The satay looks super delicious.the yellow sauce is a killer.goes best with the rice cakes and the juicy grilled tounge meat - Sate Padang

Indonesian Beef Rendang (Caramelized Beef Coconut Curry), No.1 of CNN World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods list

beef rendang recipe resep rendang padang/ so many various recipes but I think this is one of the best or close one with the restaurant taste :) It's from PADANG PROVINCE, INDONESIA.

Lumpia semarang

Lumpia Semarang is known as a street hawker food in Indonesia that you can get everywhere and cheap. It is served with brown sauce and cucumber shallot pickle (acar). There are several version of Lumpia in Indonesia. Lumpia Semarang is one of the popu

This is definitely an acquired taste. Gulai otak, or cow's brain in spicy coconut milk broth. High on cholesterol but oh so worth it. Probably my all time favorite food!