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- blue pea coat -white sweater - black and white grid a line skirt - black sheer tights - black dress shoes

Style skirt outfits like you would be comfortable wearing it skirt lenght wise.

#wattpad #fanfic Una historia donde Jungkook le enseña a Taehyung sobre ortografía mediante un chat. #20 en Fanfic 12/07/16

On Fire - omegaverse taehyung - Asianfanfics

Part of Hobi's Baepsae solo dance. <3 #Bangtan #BTS #J-Hope

Part of Hobi's Baepsae solo dance. <<<<<<- his dancing so sex and mesmerizing

#wattpad #fanfiction Ảnh dìm trong mọi thời đại đây~~~Mại zô~~

As a Hoseok Stan, I am officially dead.

Naughty Kpop

BTS~ V~ Stahp attacking meeehhh

Orra q isso?! Moço eu sou cardíaca, conheça a palavra L I M I T E S!!

I'm used to see Tae as this innocent child but boy know how to take it from 0 to a 100 real quick.

lmao he said it right the first time then the second marked this gem in history

Ireon: I just died from laughter right at that moment XD

Omg jealous Jin in the back

I'm laughing so hard xD look at jin's face

This is when they're most attractive and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Offically their best foto's xD - BTS ~ DarksideAnime

Poor Jin omma

Ahahaha true friendship right there!