Axillary nerve

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Kleiser Therapy treats radial tunnel syndrome

Kleiser Therapy - Hand, Arm and Shoulder Specialists

Radial Tunnel Syndrome is another form of nerve compression injury that involves the radial nerve as it passes through the elbow. As the radial nerve exits the elbow, it winds down the upper arm and then crosses past the outside or lateral aspect of the elbow.

Musculoskeletal on Pinterest | Ulnar Nerve

20 Best Musculoskeletal images | Hand therapy, Anatomy and physiology, Physical therapy

Musculoskeletal on Pinterest | Ulnar Nerve

Realistic Anatomical Paintings Reveal The Structures That Lie Beneath Our Skin

Danny Quirk is a young American artist who‘s bringing science to a completely new level. Using liquid latex, acrylic paint, and Sharpies, Quirk creates realistic paintings directly on the human body to reveal its amazing inner workings. An interest in human anatomy leads Quirk to fascinating art pieces that look so intricate that it‘s almost creepy.

Rotator cuff tears

Rotator Cuff Injuries | Durrant Orthopaedics

Rotator cuff injuries are extremely painfull. Mr. Durrant explains the causes, symptoms and your treatment options for both acute and chronic injuries.

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Wrist Pain: A Case-Based Approach - American Family Physician

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Wrist Pain: A Case-Based Approach

Patients with wrist pain commonly present with an acute injury or spontaneous onset of pain without a definite traumatic event. A fall onto an outstretched hand can lead to a scaphoid fracture, which is the most commonly fractured carpal bone. Conventional radiography alone can miss up to 30 percent of scaphoid fractures. Specialized views (e.g., posteroanterior in ulnar deviation, pronated oblique) and repeat radiography in 10 to 14 days can improve sensitivity for scaphoid fractures. If a…

Picture of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) showing symptom areas

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Symptoms, Treatment & Tests

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) causes symptoms such as hand weakness, numb fingers, and finger, hand, arm, or shoulder pain. Treatment may involve surgery, certain exercises, or physical therapy. Learn about TOS tests and causes.