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It's the little things that make The Walking Dead such an amazing game.
lilacsbloom:   Grown Up Clementine by iBralui - The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Game |Lee Everett | Clementine
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’s Clementine!
Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 3 Gets a New Playable Character Players won't only be jumping back into Clementine's shoes when Telltale Games' The Walking Dead returns this fall. During The Walking Dead: Season 3 Reveal on IGN Live at E3 Telltale's Job Stauffer and Laura Perusco confirmed that the new character glimpsed in the first trailer Javier will be playable in addition to Clementine. He has never previously appeared in the comic book series or the game. Clementine and Javier in…
My little Clem is all grown up, The walking dead game season 3 Clementine
Walking Dead Game Art - Mimicking Robbert Kirkman's art style used in the comic of The Walking Dead, this concept art of Clementine make the player feel concerned and worried for her, with details such as blood on her top helping players feel this. The comic style is abundantly clear and the game incorporated this with a cel-shaded art style. The game is mainly dark, so the drawing looming down on Clementine adds to the dark mood of the game.