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Whoa ... a recipe for homemade Nutella cereal. Kids will love this! Great idea for a "special" treat breakfast.

A Beautiful Mess -- homemade Nutella breakfast cereal! -- unbelievably unhealthy, I'm sure, but I will have to try this sometime

peanut butter banana and chocolate chips quesadillas | easy, healthy recipe | breakfast or snack

Yummy healthy snack or dessert idea - Chocolate peanut butter quesadilla! Spread peanut or almond butter onto a wheat wrap and add banana slices and a few chocolate chips - grill both sides until brown and enjoy a sweet and delicious healthy treat

Styling: @cleoscheulderman photo: Jeroen van der Spek @vtwonen

Pastel and marble living room with light blue accessoires. Light Dot by vtwonen, grey couch by First or Second and accessoires by Maison NL, Couleur Locale, Van Dijk