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Giryung Kim, 2015 Westminster Fashion illustration, Gouache, ink, acrylic paint. Eduardo's mixed media class. Stylised illustration with plays of colour and white. Interesting textures and patterns.

Week 5 eduardo Watercolour, pen and ink 2015 Westminster Fashion illustration – Giryung Kim Really enjoy the simple aesthetic and light colours used to fill the small line work. The stylised illuystration creates a fun and playful look

Подборка выкроек в стиле Бохо / Простые выкройки / Своими руками - выкройки, переделка одежды, декор интерьера своими руками - от ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

A selection of patterns in the style of boho / Simple patterns / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street