More Of Ji Chang Wook For L’Officiel Hommes Korea’s May 2015 Issue + BTS Shots | Couch Kimchi

Go here and here for Ji Chang Wook’s previously released spreads from the May edition of L’Officiel Hommes.

Awww he is sooooo cuuuute

[Drama] Warm fuzzies galore in new stills of Ji Chang Wook in “Suspicious Partner”

More of Ji Chang Wook for Esquire Korea’s November 2015 Issue | Couch Kimchi

Esquire Magazine November Issue ❤❤ 지 창 욱 Ji Chang Wook ♡♡ that handsome and sexy look .

#FabricatedCity - Twitter Araması Ji Chang Wook

Twitter. It's what's happening.

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My honest first thought when I see him was literally, "Holy Fuck" You have got to admit, Ji Chang-Wook is hot, as in, really really.