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Look at the reconstruction of this prehistoric woman. She is called as the Magdalenian Woman after the Magdalenian period of Paleolithic Europe. The Paleolithic culture existed in Europe between Forensic Facial Reconstruction, Religions Du Monde, Anthropologie, Human Evolution, Interesting History, Portraits, Bronze Age, Before Us, Ancient History

Les abris sculptés de la Préhistoire

Il y a 15 000 ans, des abris sous-roche ont été sculptés de frises monumentales, baignés par la lumière du jour bien loin du monde souterrain des grottes. Le Roc-aux-Sorciers, la Chaire-à-Calvin, Cap Blanc et l'abri Reverdit sont les 4 exemples les plus emblématiques de cet art pariétal sous abri.

origin of every hominid genus, including our own, appears to fall within one or another window of climatic variability. Now, with planetary warming occurring at a breakneck pace, human adaptability is likely to face its biggest test. Early Humans, First Humans, Human Evolution Tree, Panthera Leo Spelaea, Human Family Tree, Forensic Facial Reconstruction, Empire Romain, Anthropologie, Prehistoric Animals

“In the 5 million years since early hominids first emerged from east Africa’s Rift Valley, the Earth’s climate has grown increasingly erratic. Over cycles lasting hundreds of thousands of years, arid regions of central Africa were overrun by forests, forests gave way to grasslands and contiguous landscapes were fractured by deep lakes. It was within the context of this swiftly changing landscape that humans evolved their sizable brains and capacity for adaptive behavior.

Utahraptor ostrommaysorum jumps onto the back of the armored dinosaur Gastonia burgei by Sergey Krasovskiy Dinosaur Fossils, Dinosaur Art, The Good Dinosaur, Raptor Dinosaur, Dinosaur Skeleton, Dinosaur Images, Dinosaur Pictures, Feathered Dinosaurs, All Dinosaurs

*Utahraptor ostrommaysorum jumps onto the back of the armored dinosaur *Gastonia burgei. Artwork by Sergey Krasovskiy

Controversial Theory Suggests Laziness Drove Ancient Humans to Extinction Anthropologie, Human Fossils, Homo Habilis, Prehistoric Man, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Body Proportions, Thing 1, Ancient History

Homo erectus

"Early African Homo erectus fossils (sometimes called Homo ergaster) are the oldest known early humans to have possessed modern human-like body proportions with relatively elongated legs and shorter arms compared to the size of the torso. These features are considered adaptations to a life lived on the ground, indicating the loss of earlier tree-climbing adaptations, with the ability to walk and possibly run long distances."

*Omeisaurus and *Gasosaurus by PaleoGuy - (meaning "Omei lizard") is a genus of sauropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic Period (Bathonian-Callovian stage) of what is now China. Prehistoric Wildlife, Prehistoric Dinosaurs, Prehistoric World, Dinosaur Fossils, Dinosaur Art, Prehistoric Creatures, Reptiles, Mammals, Dinosaur Illustration

*Omeisaurus and *Gasosaurus by PaleoGuy - (meaning "Omei lizard") is a genus of sauropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic Period (Bathonian-Callovian stage) of what is now China.

King Kong a vraiment existé ! Large Animals, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Prehistoric World, Prehistoric Animals, Extinct Animals, King Kong, Animal Kingdom

8 Incredible Photos of the World's Largest Animals

These animals take BIG to a new level.

A photo from the October issue of National Geographic shows a reconstruction of Homo naledi's face. (Mark Thiessen/National Geographic via AP) National Geographic, Charles Darwin, Hominid Species, Human Family Tree, University Of The Witwatersrand, France Tv, Especie Animal, Face Change, Homo

This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?

Homo naledi, discovered in a cave near Johannesburg, is a human ancestor unlike any species previously known. The find is arguably one of the most important discoveries in human origins research in half a century. It’s also the most perplexing.

Turkana Boy, also occasionally, Nariokotome Boy is the common name of fossil KNM-WT a nearly complete skeleton of a hominid. Homo Heidelbergensis, Forensic Facial Reconstruction, Biological Anthropology, Anthropologie, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Homo Habilis, Ancient Artifacts, Ancestry

La sierra de Atapuerca es un pequeño conjunto montañoso situado al norte de Ibeas de Juarros, en la provincia de Burgos (Castilla y León, España), que se extiende de noroeste a sudeste, entre los sistemas montañosos de la cordillera Cantábrica y el Sistema Ibérico.Alberga en su interior, al menos, cuatro especies distintas de homínidos: Homo sp. de la Sima del Elefante, Homo antecessor, Homo heidelbergensis y Homo sapiens.Miguel y Gonzalo 1BachC