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When 'Time' Can Talking

Train 3 pm to return to Surabaya , can return to the unfortunate public transportation 2 pm 10 minutes.

Together shining dream , Like the Sun

Sunny morning , with the beauty of dusk and birdsong great voice. As usual , I sat in the court house to see them -masyarakat- which is starting its activiti.

Bunch of Roses

Dave, the man that I know turned out quiet adept at playing a song River flows in you . His fingers danced nimbly over the keys of a.

From Waves Quote

Beautiful morning with a rainbow decorate their space. Various colors etched beautifully. Different colors , add artistic value of the beholder .

Wake up in everyday

I'm still hoping for a miracle there , though my logic himself was dismissive of that hope. Although parasku an angel said to them, but it was not the slight.

Wipe your tears

The sky is still the same as yesterday , no clouds and no sun , showing the imperfections of this world . Maybe that's what I'm experiencing , imperfections .