Dyo, meu neném, vc Foi, é, e sempre será meu bias no EXO ♡♡♡♡

I SWEAR IN LOVE ME RIGHT THEY ARE ALL SOOOO GORGEOUS. like them in football pads and jerseys makes them look like 800% better than they already do which is like impossible because they are already perfection and i just ahhhh | COUNTDOWN TO KYUNGSOO'S 23RD BIRTHDAY // Three Days Away

{open: Ryan} Girls can. Well, there's no correct way to end this sentence. I sigh and stare at the flowers. You come up and tap me on the shoulder. I turn around, "Yes?

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Heavens above and R'lyeh below have some mercy on my soulthis guys cuteness is gonna be death of me

Piece of cake stuffed with cream cheese and berries being ate for chocolate flavoured unicorns 💖


There was only me so I never even knew wh… # General Fiction # amreading # books # wattpad

kyungie ❤️

Baby, stop pouting your lips if you don't want to be eaten by Jongin


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