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watermelon and feta appetizer on a plate with text overlay
Margarita Watermelon Appetizers
These Margarita Watermelon Appetizers are an impressive and delicious appetizer for your next party. They're soaked in a margarita marinade, then topped with cotija cheese and a candied jalapeno.
2h 20m
some kind of appetizer that is on a plate with the words, find the full recipe with hints and tips on my website
Asian Deviled Eggs (Miso Ramen Deviled Eggs) - The Flavor Bender
These Asian deviled eggs are an incredibly flavorful twist on the traditional deviled eggs. Spiced, soy sauce marinated eggs, filled with a creamy yolk filling, and dripping with umami flavor. They’re perfect for Easter, or every other day (and night) of the year for that matter! #deviledeggs #eggs #asian #snack #ramen #miso
the deviled eggs dozen ways
Deviled eggs 12 ways
how to make deviled egg board with eggs and other ingredients on a platter
Build Your Own Deviled Egg Board - My Life After Dairy
Make this easy to make deviled egg board for a delicious and fun brunch appetizer. Creamy deviled eggs can easily be topped with everything bagel seasoning, jalapeño, bacon, smoked salmon, green onion, or smoked salt. This fun deviled egg board is a great way to give variety without having to make many different deviled eggs. #deviledegg #foodboard #brunch
four small white plates topped with food on top of a wooden table next to each other
Buffalo Deviled Eggs - Emily Bites
deviled eggs with carrots, celery and crackers on a tray
Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs
Can't decide between the chicken or the egg? Have both! These Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs are everything you love about big game appetizers, and so much more!
deviled eggs decorated with flowers and daisies on a marble countertop, text overlay reads how to make two - toned deviled curry deviled eggs
Two-Tone Curry Deviled Eggs
These two-toned curry deviled eggs are so elegant with their pretty ribbons of yellow, and extra pretty when topped with daisies and mustard caviar! #deviledeggs
a plate with some food on top of it
How To Make Mustard Caviar
Mustard caviar adds pops of flavor and such an exciting texture to your appetizers, and it couldn't be easier to make yourself! #appetizer, #recipe, #mustard, #partyfood
hush puppy corn dog bites with dipping sauce on the side and an advertisement for hush puppies
Hush Puppy Corn Dog Bites w/ Cajun Dipping Sauce
These unique hush puppy corn dog bites are a fun appetizer to share with a crowd. They're packed full of spices, Andouille sausage, and served up with an amazing Cajun seasoned dipping sauce. #hushpuppycorndog #corndogbites #hushpuppies #cajunappetizer #mardigrasrecipe
small appetizers are arranged on top of a black tray with white and green toppings
How To Make Mustard Caviar
green olives and other ingredients in a food processor
Castelvetrano Olive Tapenade - Simply Scratch
Simply Scratch Castelvetrano Olive Tapenade - Simply Scratch
a wooden cutting board topped with bread and bowls filled with different types of food next to olives
Green Olive and Preserved Lemon Tapenade
baked lemon ricotta dip with blackberrys and honey
Baked Lemon Ricotta Dip with Blackberries + Honey
Baked Lemon Ricotta Dip with Blackberries + Honey marries sweet + savory for an easy and unexpected appetizer. Serve it all summer while blackberries are in season along with a cool, crisp drink! How can you resist warm, gooey cheese with hints of lemon and garlic? That alone, on a slice of baguette, is heaven. And then…top it with a jammy blackberry and drizzle of honey…and it suddenly goes in another direction and you’re like, what?!
a white bowl filled with hummus and onions
Pepperoncini Hummus
Pepperoncini Hummus
an info board with different types of food on it
5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Caviar
small appetizers are arranged on a plate with apples in the backgroud
Cranberry Chicken Salad on Apple Slices - Yummy Addiction
healthy appetizer
a pan filled with baked feta covered in cheese and topped with a honey drizzle
Hot Honey Baked Feta
No Cook Appetizers, Gourmet Appetizers, Restaurant Appetizers, Veggie Appetizers
Loaded Hummus
cucumber sandwich appetizer on a plate with the words how to make the best cucumber sandwich appetizer
Must-Try Cucumber Sandwich Recipe
A few tips make a difference when you make cucumber sandwiches that are cool and airy, and never soggy! With an herby spread without cream cheese or mayo.
watermelon sticks and dip in a bowl on a cloth with spoons next to it
Watermelon Fries with Coconut Lime Dip
a tray filled with meat and dipping sauce
Mustard Hasselback Kielbasa Bites
there are many sausages that have been cooked in the oven and ready to be eaten
Mustard Hasselback Kielbasa Bites
three cupcakes on a white plate topped with bacon
A Valentine Brunch For The Ladies
small waffles with meat and coleslaw on them sitting on a tray
Sweet & Smoky Pulled Pork Cornbread Waffle Sliders
8h 5m
mini cornbread sandwiches with ham and cheese on them
Mini Cornbread Bites
there are many small jars with food in them
Mini bloody marias , but try with mini crab cakes