Laser Cut Metal Screen - Love the pattern bleeding onto the ceiling and side wall

Victoria Center / PZP Arhitectura

Near Staircase (bamboo shaft) - Laser Cut Metal Screen - Pattern bleeds onto the ceiling and side wall

2014 AIA Institute Honor Awards for Architecture,Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum / HGA Architects and Engineers © Paul Crosby Photography


Gallery of Villa C / Studio Guilhem - 2

Villa C La Californie - Cannes - Studio Guilhem - Interior Architecture and Design office

Wehouse 建築生活誌 - 透天別墅的烏托邦。-Q-LAB團隊「日日」獨棟住宅:

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Sakura house facade

designed-for-life: “ Sakura house facade by Mount Fuji Architects Studio Sakura house in tokyo has two self supporting walls made out of perforated metal. during daytime there’s a play of sunlight and.