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22 Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen storage idea - Dividers in the deep space above the oven or refrigerator are an efficient way to storage your platters, cookie sheets, cutting boards, bakeware, etc. Add shelves above the dividers to maximize storage in taller cabinets.

If you’re on a budget but want to find awesome ways to organize your house and make it look great, then I…

DIY Organizing Ideas for Kitchen - Simple Way To Store Cutting Boards - Cheap and Easy Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organized - Dollar Tree Crafts, Space Saving Ideas - Pantry, Spice Rack, Drawers and Shelving - Home Decor Projects for Men and Women

10 Social Manners for Children

10 Social Manners for Kids - iMom We love this Social Manners for Children printable. It’s 10 little things that will make a big difference in helping my kids in the etiquette department.

CAUTION! Twins at play!: 200 items for Sensory Bins and Sensory Tables

Great list although allot of them are chokeables. 200 items for Sensory Bins and Sensory Tables! The mega list of ideas for sensory play! Make hundreds of awesome sensory bins or sensory tables with this amazing list of ideas!