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footwear to pants men

Matching shoes to the appropriate pants can be tricky. Here is a helpful guide to choosing appropriate footwear.

Men's Oversized and Long-line Tops, Shirts and T-Shirts Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

Oversized and longline garments are having a moment. A daring trend worth trying out to neaten things up. It seems size does matter after all.

Men's street style #outfit #look

Classic - And I think every man should own a scarf like this in his preferred color ----This is what I'm thinking my everyday fall outfit should be like. Boots, dark jeans, a nice jacket, and a killer scarf. I can't wait for cold weather.

Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever (there's a secret ingredient that was used that you will NEVER guess)!!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a secret ingredient! To save you from having to go to the link, the secret ingredient is a dusting of powdered sugar on the buttered sides of the sandwich.