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Gahah this is sorta dumb but oh well

| Selena Gomez |

50 Iconic Styles By Selena Gomez 2017 - Lucky Bella

☆☆ #anime ☆☆#characterconcepts

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 her pose is really cute, and the drawing style in general is prefff-ect



Black One-Piece Dress - pixiv Spotlight

constellations, watching over the human race but saddened by what is going on. Was given a human body and now is stuck in the human realm unable to adapt (needs help)


Black and white anime girl


battle with madoka magica theme (unknown)

Under the Sea

Illustration by Kazari Tayu

Anime girl

Imagine a pretty and tall girl, waiting for her senpai at the front gate

CGD3JvSUMAAD1k9.png ...

I donno what else to say.