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We were made for Jannah. Don't be afraid to be unique

The purpose of ourselves on this earth is to please Allah subhana wa tala, amazing how muslim these days try to fit in,

EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY HERE !!! DON'T FORGET VERY SOON WE ARE GOING TO LEAVE THIS WORLD !!! THINK WHAT WE ARE EARNING EVERYDAY IS IT GOING TO BE WITH US IN GRAVE ?? EARN DEEDS FOR HERE AFTER LIFE BECAUSE DEATH NEVER GIVE ANY INVITATION !!! 16:96 All that is with you is bound to come to an end, whereas that which is with God is everlasting. And most certainly shall We grant unto those who are patient in adversity their reward in accordance with the best that they ever did. مَا عِنْدَكُمْ…

Qur'an an-Nahl (The Bee) Whatever is with you, will be exhausted, and whatever with Allah (of good deeds) will remain. And those who are patient, We will certainly pay them a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do.

No matter what else you lose, never lose Allah. Allah can replace everything but nothing can replace Allah.

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