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How to Refinish Wood Floors (without sanding) ill be glad i repinned this some day! :)

How to Refinish Wood Floors You can clean and refinish a scratched wood floor without having to sand down to bare wood. man with booties on his shoes applies a coat of polyurethane finish on a wooden floor

I have never heard of eco/sustainable pools before but i am very intrigued

Here's a great example of a conventional pool turned into a natural swimming pond. They offer a much lower maintenance alternative to conventional pools and allow you to swim in clean, chemical free water.

Use rocks to separate grass from your garden

Use rocks to separate two areas, then bury rope lights in the rocks for lighting. on January 2013 in Home Decor 3 Advertisement Use rocks to separate the grass from the deck, then bury rope lights in the rocks for lighting

Mission & Valencia Green Gateway Initiative - Green Street Infrastructure Diagram by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

An outside kitchen bar area made with salvaged wood and cinder blocks. Genius!

they show this as a bar, but would be good for outdoor dining too. I loved the DIY-able idea for an outdoor bar. You could use any type of cinderblock base and any pressure-treated wood that will withstand the elements.