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Ragil Tea

Indonesia / Just an ordinary person but limited editions.
Ragil Tea
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An Infographic Comparing Some of the Fastest Things in the World to the Speed of Light

Speed of light infographic: comparing some of the fastest objects known to man with the speed of light. How fast is Usain Bolt, the Bugatti Veyron or the speed of sound compared to the speed of light?

Minimal Posters -  Five Great Mathematicians And Their Contributions. Sacred Geometry <3

Fetching minimalist prints honor mathematicians and their contributions

simplified laws of science. What's interesting about this is that physicists are now theorizing that information that is taken in by a black hole is not lost as once thought. Now they are theorizing that information is conserved, but in what form or way, they are still unsure of.

Words of Wisdom found in Math Formulas. (Source) Well, actually in Physics formulas, mathematics is just circumstantial here.

~Kørean street fashiøn~♥ Black bømber jacket ♥ black skinny jeans♥ with a kawaii…

"I'm Happy" in Arabic

Custom Arabic Calligraphy - Thuluth (One Word)

Arabic lettering for the word "Thank You شكراً" by #Natoof (www.natoof.ae)

Thank you (Shukran)

we are what we repeatedly do ~ fitness quotes

Use the Law of Attraction to Change your life. If you want to change your life then deciding what you want to change is part of the process.

The Circle of Life from a Social SEO Perspective for by

Infinity Symbol Set Temporary Tattoo Set of 6 by Tattify on Etsy

Infinity Symbol Set Temporary Tattoo Set of 6 by Tattify

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05724cd7c2ad8f4cb5f7820058e9331b.jpg (720×960)