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The Vehicles of Star Wars #infographic #StarWars #Entertainment

I like this one but it lacks several crucial ships, e.g The Ravager, The Ebon Hawk and The Leviathan

Dirty yet beautiful

Fulcrum of the Polish Air Force (ex East German/reunified German Luftwaffe aircraft)

Russian Yakolev Yak130 "Mitten" ground attack/advanced trainer.

The Yak 130 advanced jet trainer developed by the Yakovlev design bureau is Russia’s most successful new aircraft, both commercially and technologically, since the break-up of the Soviet Union.

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Chinese Stealth Tech- many think China borrowed fighter technology. I also think it would be foolish not to use proven ideas. Plus if your designs can be taken the only main advantages are strategy and training. This where the majors have the edge.

TIE Pilot by Liam Brazier

As a fan I undertook the challenge to complete Star Wars portrait every week until The Force Awakens was released, a full year from the time of starting. That’s fifty-two characters, in no particular order, that kept me, and maybe a fellow.