Gambar Bunga Yang Indah dan Cantik

Kumpulan gambar bunga yang cantik dan bagus
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Gambar Tumbuhan Bunga Rafflesia Terbesar

Parasitic flower photographed in Batang Palupuh, Sumatra.

Gambar Bunga Bangkai Raflesia Arnoldi 2

The Largest Flower in the World. with recent flowers found measuring up to feet) across. There are 55 species of Rafflesia, of which 9 are found in Borneo

Gambar Bunga Bangkai Yang Terancam Punah

Rafflesia arnoldii (Corpse Flower) is a species of flowering plant noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth. The flower.

Gambar Tumbuhan Bunga Bangkai

Post with 2368 votes and 71921 views. Shared by DaFunOne. Some Truly Weird Plants and Trees, Yay Botany!

Gambar Bunga Bangkai Terbesar Di Dunia

Rafflesia arnoldii (corpse flower) A rare, parasitic, rootless and leafless plant, Rafflesia arnoldii has the largest known flower in the world.

Gambar Bunga Sedap Malam Nan Indah

Gambar Bunga Sedap Malam Nan Indah

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