Rahma Ari Fauziah Haryoto

Rahma Ari Fauziah Haryoto

let's chow down together :-D
Rahma Ari Fauziah Haryoto
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business suit on top. tool belt on the bottom.

The Design & Branding titled TCM Classic Film Festival, 2 was done by 1 Trick Pony advertising agency for product: Tcm. Turner Classic Movies (brand: Turner Classic Movies (TCM)) in United States. It was released in May

Cool Graphic Design on the Internet, NOSFERATU. #graphicdesign #poster @ http://www.pinterest.com/alfredchong/graphic-design/

JENNY- An poster for the 1922 film Nosferatu uses visual metaphors to promote the horror genre in a minimalistic an contemporary manner. The image of the raven symbolising death and a bad omen encapsulating the dark and fearful nature of horror movies.

Poster Design: 50 Excellent Inspirations | GoMediaZine #poster #design

soul kitchen [caroline grohs] designed as part of the motion theater ballet series. a seamless integration of image and typography. the hierarchy of text is flawless making this truly great design.