I wish it weren't this way! I want to escape the ink type, but as the world shows itself to be faker than fiction, I find I prefer to talk with my characters.

The mind of a writer is endless! Late night writing in my own world! * * * * * Love Never Fails Naked Truth of Love Sequel Donna Christopher ___________________

Which is why there ALWAYS have to be books in the playroom, between the toys ;-)

Neil Gaiman – The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is. Reading is a pleasurable activity!

In any problem. Remind urself Its a test so b pstient Do zikar shukr astagfar Be nice to people who might b source of brining problem into ur life N dun backbite or complain

5 life changing verses from the Qur'an : Allah tests the believer, Rely on Allah only, Kindness in character, Supplicate to Allah, Avoid backbitting.

As taught by prophet Muhammad ( May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him )

Islamic instructions to the Muslims: Talk softly, Walk humbly, eat sensibly, dress properly, interact politely and act fearlessly.

Listen & Learn'

What is Islam, Muslim religion believe & its facts about? Al-Islam is a heaven-religion’s & it is meant for the humankind to Success in world and hereafter.

Alhamdulillah, he still choose me to be there :' Islam is beautiful...Alhamdulillah

Fajr - knowing that Allah chose you to be amongst those who worship Him, whilst the rest of the world sleeps.

Holy Prophet "Muhammad, Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam"

Holy Prophet "Muhammad, Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam"But this Ummat is doing altogether neglecting disobeying the action shown done as per direction of Qur'an and sayings of RasulAllah sws's Sunna has.


The Quran-Coaching is the best platform for the quran learning by taking online…

Alhamdulillah. Islam is beautiful, but some Muslims don't potray what Islam preaches thus others might have negative perspectives. {SI}

Alhamdulillah * Who will stop the United States of Israel, stop war in Mideast, stop its police states in North America *

The reward of prayer #islam

The poster is not from a Hadith or any other Islamic source! These are motivational words to remind that every success in life comes trough performing your 5 daily salat.