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the city skyline is reflected in the water at sunset, with pink and orange clouds
Booming 2nd-tier cities woo tourists with bourbon, music, culture
With tourism and business travel rebounding, particularly on the high end, smaller U.S. cities are looking to grab their slices of the travel pie. "In size we might be a secondary city, but we're thinking like a tier-one city now," said Jeff Miller, CEO of Travel Portland, in Oregon, the city's conventions and visitors bureau. #Portland #Louisville #Milwaukee #Pittsburgh
the cover of mash pacaran?
Masih mau pacaran ni? Padahal kan dosa, cintai aja dulu penciptanya, baru cintai makhluk nya
a black and white photo with the words sebelum written in two different languages
a woman in hijab holding up a sign that says,'tak pacaran bukan surya dibilang '
Islam Quotes - Learning (#2)
an image of a poster with words in different languages on the front and back of it
Nasihat Sahabat - Karena Nasihat, Pemberian Terbaik Seorang Sahabat