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The ability of yours to turn these small character drawings to readable words and data in your brain is all thanks to your Occipital Lobe.


Ballonen ballonnen balloons

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In a field of wildflowers, memory's are made. In a field of wildflowers, where I want to stay.

In high school i was in AP art. I loved to draw, paint and sketch. Art was a way to express my feelings and allow my mind to wonder to wonderful places. I enjoyed art and i was really good at it. I remember sending one of my pieces into an art show. It came back 1st place and i was very proud of myself. All through out high school i would doodle. Doodle on random pieces of paper and even on tests and homework. Art is something everyone should try because you cant get an F on artwork.

Zentangle Sneakers | zentangle # zentangle art # zentangle doodle # zentangle pattern ... Heyyyy @Lauren Davison Krause !!!!! My birthday is October 24th.....:)) Just an FYI These would be awesome!! I'd wear them everyday! :)

Pelo de mujer hecho de flores

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Just a small scribble can make up what sounds so wonderful -- jazz.