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How the US Flag Changed Throughout History (1776 - Present)

Flag trivia: there is only place where an official flag is never brought to half-mast during a period of mourning. That place?


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What in the World are Terpenes and Why do They Matter?

I love the smell of cannabis products. Whether it is flower or a CBD lotion, the scent is so delicious to me. Sometimes it’s earthy, sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes it’s a mixture of things. The reason that cannabis has such a unique smell is because of the terpenes that the plant produces. You might think this is

Rare Hominin skull excavated in Ethiopia

Paleontologists have discovered a 3.8 million-year-old skull in Woranso-Mille, Ethiopia that reveals the face of a male Australopithecus anamensis. Identified mainly by its projecting cheekbones an…

Bila WA Punya Ciri-Ciri Seperti Ini, Artinya WA Kamu Disadap!

Pengguna aplikasi WA perlu waspada penyadapan aplikasi WhatsApp.

Kompas - Amanat Hati Nurani Rakyat. Mengulas fenomena dari berbagai sudut, dengan metode jurnalistik dan penelitian yang profesional. Sejak 1965, Kompas dipercaya Indonesia mengabarkan berita seputar Politik, Ekonomi, Opini, Nusantara, Metropolitan, Internasional, Olahraga, dan Humaniora

Dari Sumatra ke Papua, Ini 7 Tambang Emas Raksasa RI

RI memiliki kandungan mineral emas yang menggunung di perut bumi, tersebar dari Sumatra sampai Papua

Pasutri Oke di BaBe

16 Sifat Istri secara Umum, tidak semua istri memiliki keseluruhan sifat ini.. Suami harus maklumi ya ...\U0001f60d⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #istricantikqu #istricantik #istrisholehah #istriku #kesehatanwanita #pintuhijrah #hijrahmuslimah #fiqihmuslimah #hijrahku_dakwahku #baperposit

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costumes religieux-couleurs

Explore EN NOIR & BLANC's photos on Flickr. EN NOIR & BLANC has uploaded 7421 photos to Flickr.

Indonesia Peminum Kopi atau Pengekspor Kopi?

Menjamurnya kedai-kedai kopi di Indonesia apakah menunjukkan bahwa masyarakat Indonesia merupakan peminum kopi? Telegraph UK telah memetakan negara mana sajakah

Freya the Frypan

So I have a friend/archenemy Vicky or, as I like to call her: ViccKKKYYYYYyyyyyyYYy. Here is a drawing I made of her, in case you're cur...

Indica vs Sativa: What’s the Difference? - Infographic -

This infographic compares the indica vs sativa weed strains to show how they differ in appearance, effects, medical uses and origin.

The Genius of Charles Darwin

Final Dimensions (width x height): 24" x 36" This versatile and affordable poster delivers sharp, clean images and a high degree of color accuracy. Your poster is printed with an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks. Item #7676713

History of Mankind (Storia dell’Umanità) - Cufk, tish, sips

History of Mankind (Storia dell’Umanità)