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Raissa Khomara
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wordsnquotes: “ culturenlifestyle: “ Stunning Fine Jewelry Inspired by Space Sophia Arjam from Morphe Jewelry Design creates elegant jewelry that revolves around the theme of the fathomless outer.

RussianTea Glass

Russian Tea Glass Holders called podstakannik (Russian: подстака́нник, literally "thing under the glass"), or tea glass holder. Their primary purpose is to be able to hold a very hot glass of tea, which is usually consumed right after it is brewed.

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Frosted Apples, via Flickr

Frosted Apples Dipped in Dew, frosted with ice crystals, and hung on the tree by golden-winged pixies with hair the color of star shine. Wishing everyone and your families a wonderful holiday!


These could be sand dollars too! These apple slices look appealing with their floral centers where the seeds used to be. Mouth watering, they make me think of fresh apples, the memory of tartness, combined with the crisp sensation of chips.