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Word of the Day - Oenomel - something combining strength with sweetness. Origin: Oenomel can be traced to the Greek terms oînos meaning "wine" and méli meaning "honey." The potent, sweet drink dates back to Ancient Greece. The term entered English in the

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Venial - able to be forgiven or pardoned; not seriously wrong, as a sin (opposed to mortal). Origin: Venial can be traced to the Latin term venia meaning "grace, favor, indulgence." It entered English in the

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French Word: Soigné (adj.) possessing an aura of sophistication in dress, manner or design; presented or prepared with an elegance attained through care for the finer details.

ambulant: moving from place to place #dictionarycom #words

ambulant AM-byuh-luhnt , adjective; not confined to bed; able or strong enough to walk. serving patients who are able to walk.