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four horizontal lines are shown in black and white, with one line at the bottom
Printable Rooster Crafts for Kids
printable template for bookmarks -- fits on regular size paper -- nice thick dark lines
four rows of practice fingers with the words practice fingers
Henna Practice Laminated Sheets | 10 Styles to choose from | Henna Practice Hands, Feet, Mandala, Fingers, Grids, Board
**If you chose double sided- Please let me know in the personalization box what style you would like the other side** Thank you! 10 Styles of Laminated Practice Sheets to choose from. These are great for Beginners and Professionals! Each sheet was drawn/created by me. These are great for practicing henna designs using my practice cones. -Create your henna designs -Once the paste dries, just flake it off, wipe it clean with a lightly damp towel (If paste is still wet, just wipe it clean with a li