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Bajaj Ijo

orange and noisy, one of traditional land trasportation. 22 November is the "National Land Transportation Day". Improve conditions and service of land transportation facilities.

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International One fruit a day. Think health, think fruit! Celebrate International Fruit Day July by celebrating and share your favorite fruits!

World Environtment Day 2013

Spread the word & do something good for our planet! It's not to late too preserve the environment, keep it green and sustainable for a better life.

Hari Susu Nasional 2013

Hari Susu Nasional 2013

World Book Day 2013 ... Siapa Pertamaaaxxx sih?

Share your favourite book & unlock special badge for April

XMas 2012 - Number One Again Coy!!

[New Badge]: Merry Let's celebrate Christmas, bless us all.

Human Rights 2012

International Day December is International Human Rights Day. All human beings are born free & equal in dignity and rights.

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7 (Ramadhan 1434 H): Sahuuuuur. Selamat makan sahur dan menjalankan ibadah puasa Ramadhan 1434 H hari ini, semoga berlimpah pahala.