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Minhyun & Seonho♡{}

Minhyun (Wanna One/Nu'est) & Seonho♡ (Cube Traine) (Produce 101 Season

Wanna One 박지훈 (Park Jihoon)

Wanna One made their debut this month, and they've shared a batch of photos from their experience filming their "Energetic" and "Burn It Up" music videos!

fywannaone: ““do not edit ✧ shine bright” ”

Jihoon| Wanna One 내 마음 속에 저장

The beautiful ASTRO’s Eunwoo has met a visual match in Wanna One’s Park Jihoon, according to Korean fans.

Kuanlin × Jihoon❣

Park Jihoon Lai Guanlin Produce 101 awwwwe I ship it ❤