Vintage Honda Motorcycles. The cb-750 & cl-360 are my 2 favorites on this list.

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The devils in the detail… Honda C70 | Deus Ex Machina | Custom Motorcycles, Surfboards, Clothing and Accessories

The devils in the detail… Honda C70

Here’s a bike with an interesting past. They were to be Asia’s answer to the moped. An alternative to the popularity of light weight bikes coming out of Europe in the and What it.

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Looks good, but turning it into a 'hardtail' is a mistake.

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Deus' C70 with dual solo seats and suicide shifter

Original post here: You know what they say about judging books and covers . It makes me wanna custom my Honda cub now.

Honda C70 Scooter

The Little Blue by Deus Ex Machina. A beautifully chopped 1976 Honda Cub by the guys in Bali. Complete with surfboard. What cheerful way to ride to the beach.